The Great American Puppet Show

Tu Tone 2:22's newest hip hop project, released 7/15/2017. Available from all major digital music providers.

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A Walk Into The Light

Tu Tone 2:22's first retail hip-hop album, produced in 2010, released on all major digital music retailers in 2016.

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You Know What Time it is - 2:22!

Tu Tone 2:22 is an American hip-hop artist based in Cincinnati, OH. Tu Tone has been producing and recording his own music since 2001, began releasing retail music in 2016, and has performed shows in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee.

Tu Tone produces a sound he calls Psychedelic Street Music, which is a mix of new school hip-hop, electronic dance music, and classic psychedelic rock music. Tu Tone 2:22 works with several other artists under his 2:22 Music Group production company.

Tu Tone is currently promoting his newest project, The Great American Puppet Show, as well as producing songs for his upcoming project, The God Box v2.22, expecting release in late 2017.


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